I've really, really, REALLY gotten away from things I love to do, which is being a geeky fangirl and being obsessed with movies and pics and such..... im in the middle of capping the Kings Speech. I also, cough, have access to the Fighter for capping too.

I wish I could get my old caps back :( I don't see that happening.. sorry to all.

Does anyone have any free web hosting or some place i can upload large zip files? I don't have the money for it right now.
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Well I've looked high and low, but the caps I had on www.simple-obsession.com are gone. I have only recently gotten anal about backing things up and its nowhere on cd and I don't even remember what hosting domain i was using, but Im sure they are gone. I wish I had backed everything up but I guess I figured the hosting site would be a safe backup. Sorry all.